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by Chuck Van Dien 1. August 2014 08:00



Repairing electronic equipment for musicians is a passion I’ve shared for some time.



I specialize in the repair and maintenance of tube-type amplifiers, however I will also work on solid-state units. Depending on the model, tube amps are a bit more involved to maintain than solid state amps; tube biasing, filter-cap replacement, contact cleaning (because of age), and so on…

I also repair guitar effects pedals and some rack equipment (depends on the device) and pride myself on keeping the repair cost low by troubleshooting to the failing component rather than the whole board. It is simply more cost effective to replace a $2.00 component than a $200.00 board – and, yes, the labor is a bit more when searching for a bad component - but, in the end, it is less expensive overall.

Boutique service for an amp or a pedal is also available by request. I really enjoy meeting and exceeding your needs.

Contact me through this site, or chuck@MusiciansEquipmentRepair.com.



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